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Sunday, August 1, 2010


YMC (You Must Create) was lauched in the UK in 1995 by Fraser Moss (who manages the design side) and Jimmy Collins (who handles the rest). Since then, the pair has been quietly garnering a legion of loyal fans among London’s -and the world’s- hip young things with their pared-down, gently androgynous styles.
The combination of classic design and quirky edge on these YMC footwear, skillfully made in quality material, feels just-right for a time when consumers are after smart-looking footwear that will outlast a season.

• YMC Weave Deck Shoes

These deck shoes are decidedly good-looking and suitable for a whole range of leisure activities.
(RRP £110)

• YMC Saddle Shoes

Known for a certain timeless aesthetic, saddle shoes are absolute classics that also happen to be very hip again. These preppy/retro-chic, fab and slightly formal cute kicks by YMC would look great -sockless, even- when paired with your slim chinos and seersucker shirt.
(RRP £110)

Saddle shoes have got the trend-setters wrapped around their laces:

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