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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New from MOSCOT (New York)

Ever since Hyman Moscot, who arrived in the USA from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island, began selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street in 1899, Moscot has been one of the most venerable names in New York eyewear. This family institution is now run by fourth-generation brothers, who continue to pay homage to the brand’s heritage and influences via eyeglasses collections that are oddly elegant, mildly moronic, slightly geriatric, and therefore totally awesome.

Moscot’s Lemtosh, Miltzen and Nebb are said t
o be the heart of the collections. Now available in very limited quantities!

• Moscot Lemtosh
Unisex. The round frame has a pleasant-all-around shape loved by many eyeglasses wearer.

It's hard to resist a Moscot Lemtosh-wearing bebeh.

• Moscot Miltzen

Unisex. This even rounder, full-view shape, eponymously named after a family uncle, is sleek, clean, and fastidious.

Bella and Rosalie both love Edward Cullen the Moscot Miltzen.

Moscot Nebb
Unisex. This chunky, rectangular Henry Kissinger-esque style has stood the test of time and is reportedly by far the most popular frame in the Moscot Originals collection.
As seen on Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live comedian/musician), Forest Whitaker, Justin Timberlake and Ted Danson.

Pick your Moscot and try it on and see. Trust us, people will come up to you and ask you about your eyewear ;-)
(Or if you don’t need glasses but love the frames, you can always have your optometrist turn them into sunglasses.)

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hi there, how much for the moscot lemtosh?? :)