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Sunday, August 1, 2010


The city of Urbino, in north-east Italy, has been a core centre of art and creativity from ancient periods. It is the birthplace of Raphael (the great Italian Renaissance painter), the city of Early Music, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its impressive Ducal Palace and one of the most important collections of Renaissance art. It is also the hometown of Piero Guidi, an Italian sculptor who turned to fashion studies in Rome in the 70s and subsequently founded -what else- Piero Guidi, the label. More than thirty years on, out of a vibrant bottega in Urbino, Guidi continues to draw inspiration from Renaissance artists and thinkers to create his namesake collection.
Today, in Italy alone, Piero Guidi has over 500 retail outlets.

Well-made and delightful are the right words to describe the Piero Guidi “Magic Circus” range of bags and accessories, created in 1986 and
now considered a classic.

Deeply passionate about his work, Guidi says that he doesn’t get caught up in the high lifestyle of many designers and prefers to keeps his focus on design instead. “This company is like a racer doing the Tour de France with other racers. We are not watching TV. We are in the race.” (Admirably put, Signor Guidi.)

Hong Kong supermodel Kathy Chow Man Kei and actress Ada Choi love them some Piero Guidis.

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rubylight777 said...

I'm looking for Pierro Guidi LARGE HaNDBAG. It's very hard to find. Can you advise where I can find them in New York City area/New Jersey?
Thank you, Elena