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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New from Paris - LOVEMILLA

With a name like “Lovemilla” and a slogan that states “In Love We Trust”, obviously all the ingredients are there for us to fall in love with this exquisite new brand, created by the talented Parisian designer Amelie Gillier just two years ago.
Leaving behind the Artistic Director seat of Zadig et Voltaire gave Gillier the opportunity to explore what she wanted to do most: to create a more feminine and sophisticated line that would reflect her in
timate style and involvement. She hasn’t totally abandoned the principles that made Zadig et Voltaire amazing, but she did notch up the touch of romance whilst toning down the ‘rock’ attitude. Gillier also confessed that she often finds inspiration from things of the past, readjusting vintage style to life today.
Seductive without being trashy and understated without being boring, these precious 70s-influenced pieces beautifully communicate the DNA of Lovemilla.


Amelie Gillier had been married to Thierry Gillier for twenty
years, during which she helped her husband build up Zadig et Voltaire, the brand he had set up in the 80s. Following their separation, Gillier left the company and embarked on a new adventure. She named her label “Lovemilla” because she wanted to keep her daughter Manon Milla in the loop of this journey.
Carried by an extraordinary intuition, Gillier’s creations for Lovemilla is essentially an ode to love and femininity, besides also being a mirror into the core of her universe: vintage, chic and only an itsy bitsy teensy weensy rock :-)

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