"" wondermomo: ACNE (Sweden) "Domino" Dress

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ACNE (Sweden) "Domino" Dress

A multi-faceted design company that infuses the hallmark of Swedish aesthetics into truly modern trend-free collections, Acne is one of the hottest cool labels in Scandinavia and Europe. (Anyone with a keen eye for fashion will notice Acne styles adorning an overly high percentage of the population there.) Founded in 1996 by four Swedes, the label’s first full collection was launched in 1998 and since then it has gone on to -among others- awesome collaborations with Lanvin and become an exceptional brand that demi-hipsters are obsessed with. Acne lovers -hehe, as unfortunate and unpleasant as that sounds- are described as individuals with strong individuality and fashion awareness.

The Acne "Domino" Dress reflect the same devotedly raw and clean tone of the brand. A relaxed sleeveless silhouette with a softly draped back and a dropped drape on the left side, it can be worn with a little tank underneath to flaunt your female form within the dress’s loose shape without showing too much skin :-)
(RRP US$349)

P.S. Etymology - A.C.N.E. supposedly stands for "Artists Creating Novel Expressions", but the acronym -which comes from Greek into Latin thence into modern languages- means the same thing in Swedish, so maybe the founders were just trying to be cheeky? :-)