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Sunday, August 8, 2010

More from LYLE & SCOTT (Scotland)

It is difficult to find clothing labels that have managed to sustain itself for 136 years (!) and are still going strong. Lyle & Scott is one such brand.
This Brit heritage stalwart began in Hawick in the Scottish borders way back in 1874, set on creating high quality luxury knitwear, and later, golfwear.
Since then -despite the usual some ups and downs- the brand has successfully withstood the test of time.Today Lyle & Scott is regarded as one of the coolest knitwear labels around, with its "Golden Eagle" insignia widely seen on young professionals, lad-dads, musicians, sports stars and celebrities alike.Those of you who still have not heard about Lyle & Scott would do well to check out their range of accessibly-priced polos -- just restocked in a rainbow selection of colourways and styles (and at incredibly friendly prices)!

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John Rayz said...

Hello, I just want to know the price of a Lyle & Scott's polo tee. Btw, do you have any polo shirt from Fred Perry as well?