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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yabba Dabba Doo – The Flintstones, everyone's favourite modern Stone Age family, is 50 years in existence today!
(As you may have noticed, Google is even marking the day with a logo dedicated to Fred and the gang.)
One thing that many do not know about the show is that Fred and Wilma Flintstones were the first onscreen couple to share a bed in the history of television. Hehe. The fact is likely little known because it was a cartoon, but that does not change the fact that the Flintstones were willing to take television to places that it had never been before :-)
The Flintstones also features probably the first ever live action-cartoon "crossover" in TV history, when Samantha and Darrin from the original Bewitched series (Adore! Elizabeth Montgomery is the bee's knees!
) move into the Bedrock neighbourhood.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Rockabilly punk shoes are not the easiest footwear to rock, but we swear we’d do anything for these Alexander Wang Frankie Creeper Combat Hi-Top!
Totally updated in kidskin (soft smooth leather from the hide of a young goat -- bloody expensive!) by Mr. Wang, these boot-sneakers have redefined the punk staple brothel creeper. Sporting a relatively thinner sole, antiquated hardware, fringe detail and pointy toes, these babies are going to look fan-FREAKIN-tastic with tights and minis for fall!
(RRP US$480)
Another formidable weapon for your shoe arsenal from Alexander Wang: The “Anya” Wrapped Booties, a low ankle boot/bootie with bondage bandage style upper and a high-gloss black PVC heel. The shoes fasten with a small zipper at the back. Also, there is a hidden platform - which adds 3cm to the 8cm heel!

Trivia: The motto for this Alexander Wang shoe collection is “carnivorous”; and that says a lot about the powerful and brutal elegance that is significant for these shoes ;-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ACNE (Sweden) Print Dress

Awashed in an artsy, modernist print designed by London graphic artist and textile specialist Meera Sleight (who’s also created prints for Lanvin), this eye-catching dress from the Stockholm-based design firm Acne (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) is a one-step solution to 24-hour style. Frame this striking piece with a classic black blazer and elegant court shoes for work, or sharpen the soft draping with skinny leggings and strappy heels to define edgy after-hours chic!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Arrivals: SPERRY TOP-SIDER Galore!

If there is one thing that you will have no problem finding in our stores this week, it is Sperry Top-sider! Stop in today for our new shipment of Sperrys for men and women!

Mmmm, footylicious. One of each please :-D

• Sperry Top-sider Salt-Washed Canvas Boat Shoes
A good clean look that fits today’s trends, in the coolest colour ever for deck shoes. Faded and so mellow. Awesome!

• Sperry Top-sider Bahama Boat Shoes

Sperry Top-sider's latest Bahama boat shoes showcase a blend of contemporary textile and colour choices with classic styling and vintage detailing.

• Sperry Top-sider 75th Anniversary Seamate
These beautiful Seamate deck shoes, a classic Sperry Top-sider design, features uppers rendered in ultra-fine cream-coloured cotton twill and tongues printed with a throwback logo, as well as a subtle blue trim along the sole (which gives the shoes a nice splash of colour).

• Sperry Top-sider CVO Sneaker 75th Anniversary Edition
The CVO sneaker, originally introduced in the 1930s, is an exceptional example of the clean lines and simple but classic details that Sperry Top-sider is famous for -- not to mention, it's just plain cool-looking.
• Sperry Top-sider Men's Workboot Chukka
Rugged and sporty yet still handsome and supremely comfortable.

• Sperry Top-sider Men's Seaside Venetian Loafer

Luxe meets comfort!

• Sperry Top-sider Men's Seaport Penny Loafer

With waterproof construction, this classic penny loafer is created to offer a sophisticated style while still keeping your feet nice and dry.

• Sperry Top-sider Women's Sconset Patent Slip-on Loafer
Hand-sewn Tru-Moc construction lends long-lasting comfort to this moccasin flat styled with a laced topline and metal-tipped bow.

Many more styles in store -- you'll just have to come in and take a look!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Men's Cardigan

Once the preserve of pop-pops in rocking chairs, the men's cardigan is undergoing a fashion resurrection thanks to designers and male fashionistas. In fact, the men's cardigan is easily one of this year's most essential male fashion items.
The men’s cardi really is an exceptionally versatile piece of clothing. Take these 3.1 Phillip Lim designs for example. Attractively styled with groovy detailing over preppy undertones, these outerwear give a casual yet stylish everyday look when teamed with jeans. But when worn with a collared shirt and a skinny tie, the outfit becomes the male equivalent of the "sexy librarian" look. For the creative types, a cardigan is also the perfect way to add smartness under a formal suit jacket.
Make sure you're not left out of this year's men's cardigan revolution and give yourself the freedom to adapt your look!

• 3.1 Phillip Lim Men’s Mixed Multi-Knit Cardigan
Have fun with knits this season with this fantastic 3.1 Phillip Lim men's cardigan -- a great way to update your wardrobe!
(RRP US$295)

• 3.1 Phillip Lim Men’s Cardigan with Shirt-Front Top
The ease of a two-in-one cardigan is a wonderful thing! With a faux collar, this clever piece is designed to look like a knit cardigan buttoned over a cotton shirt -- for an effortless layered look.
(RRP US$295)

Style Tip: How to wear a cardigan? Just follow these few guidelines and you'll be on your way!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BRIC'S MILANO (Italy) "X-Bag" Backpack

Bric's Industria Valigeria Fine Spa Milano (“Bric’s” for short) was founded in the scenic region of Lake Como, Italy by Mario Briccola (thus the name) in 1952. A self-made man with a pionering spirit, Briccola started out with just travel bags, which people came from far and wide to buy from his workshop. Business kept growing and eventually, fans started asking for Bric’s handbags as well. Today, half a century later, Bric’s has become an internationally established luggage, handbag and small accessories operator, known for its craftsmanship and its use of the finest in Tuscan leather and hardwearing nylon. Although the company has far outgrown Briccola's small workshop, the personal touch continues today, with six of his eight children working to carry on their father’s legacy of quality, style, and attention to detail. (Members of the family, including the grandchildren, sometimes even model in Bric's catalogues.)
Bric's retail locations presently include stores and counters in Italy, France, Belgium, South Korea, China, the United States (where it is represented in both standalone boutiques as well as upscale stores like Bloomie’s, Neiman’s, and Barneys) -- all in all, over 20 countries worldwide.

Bric’s X-Bag Collection
Fun, practical, versatile and useful -- that’s the Bric's X-Bag collection. Made from PVC-coated polyamide fabric, Bric’s X-Bags are as durable as they are good-looking. The material is waterproof-treated (although you’ll understand the zips never are), and the handles and details are vegetable tanned leather made.
The Bric’s X-Bag Backpack comes in various colours.

A Bric's specialty store in Italy:-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ELIZABETH AND JAMES (by the Olsen twins) "Martha" Silk/Lace Top

We tend to picture “Martha” as that slightly matronly, grandma-like woman. But clearly for Elizabeth and James, “Martha” hardly means looking frumpy; rather it is a tempting top so terrific, that admirers will be smitten with its darling style.
The sheer distressed lace inset creates a flirty peek-a-boo effect and lets you pander to your romantic (and seductive) tendencies.
This lovely top speaks for itself, so wear it with simple jeans, basic sandals, and minimalist jewelry for a look that exudes a quiet yet stunning beauty :-)
(RRP US$365)

Those of you who watched the recent Emmys may have caught actress/songstress Lea Michele (Rachel) rocking this top in the Glee-themed opening skit.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Buildings & Vampires, from Barcelona directors Nico Casavecchia and Sebastian Baptista, is a “petit tribute” to Spike Jonze’s monster movie “Where The Wild Things Are”. It’s about vampires (and buildings), yes, but it’s also a quiet observation of human nature - about growing up and feeling alone as a result. What a lovely yet sad little film.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RAGEBLUE (Japan) Anchor Chambray Shirt

What do we appreciate about Japanese menswear brand Rageblue? Mix together urbane Japanese style with a smidge tad of American flavour, and you end up with Rageblue’s refreshing goodies. The designs are clean, almost unadorned, but immediately distinctive. Rageblue is also very particular about details and materials - which gives a sense of unaffected chic and relaxed earnestness to its goods.This Rageblue cotton chambray shirt is simple, but one looks twice in spite of the modesty.

The Rageblue shop in Jingumae, Harajuku attracts a devoted fan base:

Rageblue is one of the brands under the umbrella of Point Inc., known for its staple of chic and delish labels that also include Lowrys Farm and Hare. In addition to scores of shops and point of sales across Japan, these home-grown brands are showcased collectively in “collect + point”, Point Inc.’s huge glass/diamond like mega store which opened Spring last year on Meiji Dori, Harajuku.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

PRADA Silk Turban Wrap

This season is a fun one for hair -- lots of over-the-top style elements, including up-dos, chignons, bunny ears and turbans.
Turbans traditionally represent power, beauty and epitomised glamour in Hollywood. Made hot again by Prada a couple of seasons back, it seems like this stylistic nod to the Middle East isn't going away just yet. Recent designer collections have featured all sorts of headwraps. Not to mention, people haven’t stopped talking about Miss Carrie Bradshaw rocking hers beautifully in “Sex and the City 2”. Will you, too, be keeping it all under wraps?
Prada’s silk turban wraps not only make a chic visual accent, it’s also great for covering up those roots between colours or for “difficult” hair days :-)
Make sure eyebrows are perfectly groomed and cheekbones are glowing.
(RRP US$695)

Eva Mendes in her jewel-coloured Pradas:

Incidentally, the right scarf, tied the right way, can be just as effective in portraying the turban wrap look:

Friday, September 17, 2010

under.ligne by doo.ri Ponte Jersey Dress with Silk Panel

under.ligne by doo.ri is the new line from Doo-Ri Chung, the celebrated Korean-American designer. A “second act” it may be, but under.ligne doesn't skimp on the brilliance (draping wizardry, couture techniques) Chung is famous for. Instead, it offers up the goodies in a darker version of what’s typically shown on doo.ri.
Soft, sexy, and perfect for a day or an evening of slummin' it, this ponte jersey dress with a printed silk panel from under.ligne is a satisfying balance between hard and sensual.
(RRP US$345)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


To lie is a sin, to teleport is not. All hail the Teletransporter! Hehe.

[Ad created by Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina]

Happy Malaysia Day

Wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous future.

P.S. Yes, we are open!

[Photo by Rezza Alias, Kuala Lumpur.]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Perk up your wardrobe with this unique design from Elizabeth and James by the Olsen twins!
This modernised huarache features a woven upper (with just a hint of metallic sheen) for an airy feel, while the enclosed toe and heel provide moderate coverage. The round-toe shape is a versatile yet fashion-forward match for everything from tailored skirts to cigarette pants to wide-legged trousers, and the comfy low profile ensures that you'll wear these flats again and again.
Comes in a lovely Elizabeth and James box.
(RRP US$285)

Monday, September 13, 2010

REBECCA MINKOFF "Morning After Bag - Mini" Neon Trim

Fresh, logo free, and made beautifully with quality materials, Rebecca Minkoff’s handbags are being picked up by the Young Hollywood set, models and socialites. The best known Rebecca Minkoff bag, featuring lush leather and the perfect slouch, has to be the Morning After Bag.
The MAB does a good job of subtly embracing the 80s-inspired neon trend; it’s also boxy -and therefore roomy- enough to be really functional, and
would likely be a bag that you’d use repeatedly for both social and work occasions. Even if it’s -only just- an itsy tad bit loud. Then again, that’s half the fun of a NEW bag -- are we right, or are we right? Of course we're right, hehe!
(RRP US$615)

Nitro:licious blog
ger/Editor-in-Chief Wendy Lam never leaves home without her MAB mini -- even to the grocery store. Honestly, this bag goes with any outfit!

Rebecca Minkoff started out designing clothes in 2001, but her bestie, the actress Jenna Elfman, prevailed on her to create a bag for an upcoming film. Thus was the famous Morning After bag born, and with it a booming business. Now, the Rebecca Minkoff brand can be found in high-end department stores and boutiques across the world, including Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, and Saks. The brand is also carried in over ten countries,
including Canada, France, Japan and Russia.
Minkoff’s designs are said to be inspired by the women who wear them: confident gals who like to have fun and wear their heart on their sleeve (and a bag on their arm)!