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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New from UNITED NUDE footwear

The effect of these candy-colour United Nude lovelies will surely bring you a warm season filled with fun and style!

• United Nude Block Ballet

One part stylish dress shoe and one part architectural conversation piece, the Block Ballet Flat features a bold block that -in lieu of a low heel- provides a gentle lift at the back as well as a wildly innovative silhouette.
Trivia: When these flats are slipped off at, say, a party, the block's perpendicular form allows the shoes to stand cleverly upright on their own :-)
(RRP US$175)

• United Nude Ruby Peep Toe
This cute flatty with peep-toe and small bump heel is made of quality leather and a high density rubber heel. Equally ready to be worn to work, as a quiet surprise with pants or a simple skirt, or to a dance, or with a ball gown :-)
(RRP US$175)

• United Nude No.2 Peep Toe

The cut is elegantly classic, but the dominating upper, made with a United Nude custom designed material, will give a splash of energy that will brighten up any ensemble!
10cm/3.94” heel.
(RRP €125)


United Nude is the architecture-loving shoe design agency founded in 2003 by Dutch architect Rem D. Koolhaas (left) and British shoe designer Galahad JD Clark (right ) -- both of highly respected design family. (Hint: Doesn't the surname tell it all?).
With inspirations that come from the wildest of dreams and sources -from classic furniture masterpiece like the Eames chair to Stealth F-117 fighters- United Nude is the proof in the pudding that great design can, indeed, transcend disciplines.

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