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Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIESEL Men's Swim Shorts & Trunks

How long has it been since you got new swimwear? If you’re still using your Speedo from 8 years ago cause it’s, well, “still in great shape”, it’s probably time for a poolside upgrade :-)

This Summer, it’s all about the ’70s, short-length swim shorts. From the Diesel swimwear collection, these short swim trunks with “Diesel Ind. 1978” printed across the back also feature a double waistband (i.e., a floating underwear waistband sitting above the waistband of the actual shorts), which gives the illusion of the very popular look of -heh heh- your underwear peeking out. Throw on these trunks and enjoy the sun!

Or if you prefer hitting the pool/beach with minimalist style, these Diesel swim shorts with just a logo accenting the left hem are simple yet just as ready to take you on all kinds of wet and wild adventures.

Also, coming soon: Underwear from the Diesel 'Fresh and Bright' collection. Not too long in the leg, comfy, and very supportive where it counts, these close-fitting men’s trunks come in darker shades as well as colours yummier than rainbow sherbet ice cream :-D

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Unknown said...

I really noticed this season they have trimmed down the board shorts swimwear. I am so glad. These look more like swimwear than jammers.

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