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Sunday, April 10, 2011

TORY BURCH Washed Leather Mini Bag

With its light weight, portability and easy organisation, this exceptionally adorable bag -- from the rarely disappointing Tory Burch -- is ideal for when you don't feel like shouldering too big a load but still big enough for carrying all of life's little necessities.
No logo plate adorns the design (surprise!), but its styling is as cute as a button, with chain links and key fobs providing interest and character. The beautiful washed leather - the sort you just want to stroke like a domestic animal - lends timeless elegance to a jaunty silhouette. It is also super practical: despite its small size, this bag has double zippered compartments ideal for carrying your money, phone and make-up for a day or night out.
Also available in black.
(RRP US$350)

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