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Monday, April 25, 2011

Another New Brand Alert! JF REY and BOZ Eyewear

Not going to lie, we have no problems being a labeliser who enjoys the branded security of designer stamps, but we also definitely have in our sights the logo-free JF Rey, where French creativity alone amply serves as its trademark :-)

An innovative eyewear maker who has fearlessly decorated, accentuated and emphasised the eyes of its fashion-forward patrons for over 15 years now, JF Rey is literally an eye-conoclast. The frames have a truly inimitable look about them - the designs are often futuristic in shape and concept, and feature very accomplished detailing. Founder-creator Jean-François Rey (assisted by his wife -and colourist- Joelle Rey and a small team) is a creator without peer, arduously translating structural fantasia into wearable objets d'art through the use of hand-worked, lightweight materials. The resulting frames (largely for men but also worn by women), in which technological innovation also plays a determinant role, are top-of-the-line and exuberant, appealing to an urbane, hip clientele seeking to avoid classification.

An additional player in the JF Rey portfolio is Boz, a decorative, whimsical collection inspired by romance, poetry, daydreaming, the ribbon of a performing gymnast - even eyelashes. The perfect feminine accompaniment to the more masculine JF Rey line, Boz frames are a must-have for those who aren’t afraid to bat their eyes at the offbeat!

One could honestly say that Jean-Francois Rey has been in the eyewear business all his life - he was born in Jura, the mountainous region in eastern France where many eyewear factories are located. Prior to setting up his eponymously named company, Rey designed eyewear for high-end Japanese brands. Japan’s (and Asia’s) culture, nature, and fashion and architectural elegance became an influence that has stayed with him. There’s also strong continued mutual admiration between Japan and Rey - JF Rey and Boz eyewear are widely known and loved in the Japanese market.
Jean-Francois Rey is also a favourite son of major frame design awards - the IOFT (the Tokyo Optical Show, also Asia's leading optical trade fair) and the Silmo d’Or (aka the Oscars of the optical industry).

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