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Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Brand Alert! FOLK (London)

The style-savvy chaps among you may already know Folk, the London-based Scottish label.
Founder-creative director Cathal McAteer cut his fashion teeth at Glasgow boutique Ichi Ni San, before embarking on Folk - or what he calls “a collection for my friends” - in 2001.
Bucking the trend of bold and daring styles (which pretty much forms the core of the fashion industry), Folk instead takes its pointers from design icon Charles Eames’ words of wisdom: “the details are not details, they make the design”. A sustained devotion to detail - elements are subtly injected into each garment, keeping each piece fresh, original and just a little playful - combined with superior quality and the use of traditional English tailoring has ensured that Folk is now worn by more than just McAteer’s friends.

Simple and unpretentious yet fun and unrestrictive -- that’s Folk.
(RRP €67.50 ~ €69.95)

With its clean, honest aesthetic, and meticulous eye for colour, fabric selection and design detail, Folk is, in fact, sometimes confused for being a Scandinavian brand.

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