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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bags worth snatching: New from TORY BURCH

We could rave and rave about Tory Burch’s delightfully stylish and very attainable bags that strike a perfect balance between fashion-forward and everyday trendy but we won’t (although we kinda just did). Instead we’ll just focus on these awesome new arrivals:-

• Tory Burch Robinson Saffiano Tote [RRP US$49
5 (small) & US$550 (large)]
Inspired by her parents, Reva and Buddy Robinson, who enjoyed travelling, Tory Burch created the Robinson collection. Made from saffiano leath
er (a diagonal scratching pattern with a look that is obtained through a printing process of the calf leather, done before final polishing), Robinson designs refrain from ostentatious and focus on nuance and craftsmanship instead.
Classic, roomy, and extremely adaptable both at home or on the road, the gorgeous Robinson Saffiano tote will look amazing with any outfit. Small or large, the Robinson tote is your ultimate everyday carryall.

• Tory Burch Robinson Shoulder bag (RRP US$375)
Also constructed from rich saffiano leather, defined by textural crossh
atching, the beautifully made Robinson shoulder bag is classically styled for a timeless look and opens to reveal ample pockets for organising essentials. The uncomplicated look certainly makes it perfect for work.

• Tory Burch Synthetic Straw Shoulder Bag (RRP US$350)
This season, natural materials such as straw, raffia, and canvas were seen all over the runways. Crafted from woven synthetic straw and trimmed with
coloured leather, providing stylish textural contrast, Tory Burch reimagines the normally casual straw into something you can actually bring to business meetings or corporate events. In light nude shade, this bag can be paired with clothing of practically any colour.

• Tory Burch Straw Tory Tote (RRP US$250)
Laid-back glamour is the style buzzword of the hugely popular ‘Tory’ tote, now also given the straw treatment. Whether on an alfresco workday lu
nch or a weekend getaway, this straw tote with upscale detailing has a lovely breezy vibe.

• Tory Burch Zebraheads Tory Tote (RRP US$225)
Here Tory Burch goes just a tad wild with a zebrahead pattern to invigorate her signature ‘Tory’ tote. Bohemian-chic and fun, this roomy tote holds everything from your iPad to gossip magazines :-)


Anonymous said...

トリーバーチ 財布は一見ド派手に見えますが、皮の質感がクラシカルで落ち着いた雰囲気が感じられる、そのギャップこそ魅力なところです。柔らかい素材を採用し、爽やかな手触りを提供してくれる、インナーに多数のポケットが配置され、とても使いやすい逸品です。toryburchはどんなスタイルでも簡単に合わせできます、違う魅力を周りにアピールしたいか、これを選べば間違いなし。

Jelli said...

Is the girl wearing beige pants and black top carrying the small tote or large tote? Thank you!