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Friday, April 22, 2011

TOPMAN Elastic Cuff Carrot-/Arc-Fit Jeans

Perhaps, like us, you have found yourself loving the pegged denim look. Maybe (also like us) you've folded, rolled and re-folded and re-rolled your jeans seven thousand times and are still unable to achieve the chic, hip look you are after. You, too, may have resigned yourself to the sad fact that this might be one trend you'd be unable to embrace (although not for lack of trying). Enter the Topman elastic cuff jeans.

One of Summer's key looks in denim, carrot- and arc-fit jeans are the natural successor to the skinny-fit, offering a twist and a directional silhouette to a menswear staple. Usually worn a bit low on the crotch, these tighter-on-the-ankles jeans are further given a special outline by the elastic cuffs.

No one wears it better. The impeccably stylish Pelayo Diaz Zapico (or should we say Prince Pelayo, of katelovesme) totally inhabits his Topman elastic cuff jeans.

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