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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Girls love him and most men want to be him, Johnny Depp is often photographed wearing a pair of retro-themed tortoise glasses: the Lemtosh by Moscot.

New York eyewear institution Moscot has been around since 1915 when founder Hyman Moscot sold hand-made spectacles from a pushcart (vintage before vintage was cool!).

Since then, Moscot has grown into one of the most venerable brands in the game.
Depp aside, Moscot specs have been preferred by artists, intellectuals, just about every cool guy through the generations -- including Buddy Holly, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Moby (they’re cool, right, hehe?).
Moscot’s designs have a definite retro charm and appeal to them -- some of the classic frames haven’t changed much since the 1930s.
While they may have that nerdy look, these time-tested frames really up your geek-chic quotient by about a hundred as soon as you put them on :-)
The Moscot Lemtosh is unisex and if it is your kind of style, then snap up the limited pairs available instore now!
(RRP US$229)

Famous faces in a variety of Moscots:-

(L to R) Dr. Henry Kissinger, Andy Warhol, John Lennon
Woody Allen
Benjamin Button aka Brad Pitt
Kanye West
(L to R) Nikki Reed (Twilight), January Jones (Mad Men)
(L to R) Korean stars MC Mong, Kim Ju-Hyeok, Lee Jeong-Jae
Japanese actor and trendsetter Odagiri Joe
Japanese fashionistas

Moscot eyewear Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign. Nice!

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cdchase said...

luv em!
...my partner ordered me some; can't wait!...i was on a shuron kick for a few years prior.