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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CAR SHOE (Italy) Monogram CS 1.0 collection

You've undoubtedly seen them. The so-called “driving shoes” -- footwear intended for those Porsche pedals and Maserati mats -- that are showing up on the feet of well-heeled men not just in automobiles, but at the office and the clubs. The preeminent purveyors of the genre include the well-known Tod’s and Hogan and the lesser-known (if only in these parts) Car Shoe.
The descriptively-named Car Shoe was established in 1963 when Gianni Mostile, a shoe artisan from Vigevan
o (a city in Northern Italy), combined his passion for hand-made shoes and race cars to create a driving mocassin with a grip sole made from small rubber plugs. For his inventive footwear, Mostile was even awarded a patent by the Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Car Shoe soon earned both a high regard among its industry peers as well as an impressive group of followers known for their impeccable fashion sense (JFK, Roberto Rossellini, Giovanni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann).
In 2001, luxury goods giant Prada acquired control of Car Shoe. (It is said that Car Shoe had long been making loafers for Prada's Linea Rosso line.) Under the Prada Group, Car Shoe has enjoyed excellent growth, expanding from unisex drivers' shoes to collections for men, women and children, including bags and sports shoes.
Come check out the characteristic and elegant Car Shoe Monogram CS 1.0 collection sneakers for the gentlemen -- now in store!

Car Shoe in Milan, Rome and Singapore

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