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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LACOSTE x CAMPANAS Special Edition Polo T-Shirt

Lacoste has been around forever and yet seems really recharged lately.
The label has teamed up with Brazilian-born brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana -- renowned for their furniture creations made from discarded materials (and the odd stuffed animal) -- to create a range of limited edition polo shirts for men and women.
The dynamic design duo have had a thing for crocodiles since childhood. In Brazil they grew up in a village near the Jacaré river (the term jacare means alligator in Portuguese), and there were indeed many living specimens in the water.
In 2004, the Campanas popped people's eyes out with their Alligator Chair, upholstered with cuddly toy alligators, which shows how the reptiles pile up in their natural habitat, the mud beds, during the dry season. Philippe Lacoste (grandson of Lacoste founder René Lacoste) bought a chair and must have had a brainstorm while sitting in it because the next thing the Campanas knew, they were invited to collaborate with the brand.
The whole nest of crocs just adds an irreverent touch to an otherwise ordinary two-button-placket white cotton pique tennis classic.

The inspirations:-
The outcome:-
The Campana brothers themselves sporting the polo shirt with a float of crocs.
Hey, but what's this? They seem to have gotten a few bonus crocs -- three, to be exact -- on their special shirts. Then again, I guess that's what you get for being the designers.


Madeleine Macy said...

I love that special edition of lacoste polo t shirts for men i have four already in my collection.

Steven Finn said...

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