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Sunday, January 16, 2011

TORY BURCH Quilted Backpack

We will forever be fans of sling totes, because they’re attractive and easy, but sometimes, lugging the laptop and folders and other stuff weighing the equivalent of 10 bricks does take a toll on the poor right shoulder.
Wearing a backpack is a great alternative. We can still jam enough of our everyday essentials into it, but we don't have to keep switching the bag from one shoulder to another when we walk around. We could do way more with our hands free, too. Less pain, more gain. And we don’t even have to worry about looking like we “just stepped off the jungle-trekking trail”, as backpacks have been getting a fashionable reboot with a slew of designers giving the classic academic staple a facelift.
Practically sized without being bulky, these lightweight quilted backpacks by the queen of preppy chic Tory Burch has a fresh and youthful appeal that will resonate with both fashionistas and
backpack first-timers from the school hallways to the concrete metropolis. A fun complement to your casual wardrobe, as well as a sleek juxtaposition to your well-cut work suits. And you definitely won’t look like you’re packing up a picnic :-)
(RRP US$325)

Go here to read Tory Burch’s exposition on the nostalgia she has for the backpack in all its iterations.

One small sartorial step for the designers, Rihanna and Ashley Olsen, one giant leap for The Great Backpack Comeback.

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Anonymous said...

トリーバーチ 財布は一見ド派手に見えますが、皮の質感がクラシカルで落ち着いた雰囲気が感じられる、そのギャップこそ魅力なところです。柔らかい素材を採用し、爽やかな手触りを提供してくれる、インナーに多数のポケットが配置され、とても使いやすい逸品です。toryburchはどんなスタイルでも簡単に合わせできます、違う魅力を周りにアピールしたいか、これを選べば間違いなし。