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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Silk-Blend Track Pants

Don’t you just love Sunday mornings, when the first thing you do, upon hopping out of bed, is whack on a pair of trackies and vegetate in front of the telly while crunching on some Mornflakes? But the humble track pant has come a long way since being a reserve for desperately lazy times. Yes, high-end sweatpants that do not say, ahem, "Juicy" on the butt are out there (and here), and who would have thought that they could look so sophisticated?

This silk-blend track pant offers an inviting comfort, pockets, and a casual elegance like only 3.1 Phillip Lim can do it.
Pair it with a fitted top and a more formal blazer for the right mix of careless confidence.
Also, wearing this with stilettos/chunky platforms/ankle booties will guarantee that no one will think you're on the way to the pharmacy for cold medicine.
Or make your own style statement and we’re sure you’ll set many fashionable examples!
(RRP US$395)

Despite its drawstring waist and fugly reputation, the tracky dacks are being worn on and off the catwalk. If you’re still feeling a bit unconfident, just browse through these pictures to see that anything is possible :-D

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