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Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIESEL Men's Denim Shirts

The steadfast little brother to the classic crisp white button-up, denim shirts are the perfect piece of clothing for the wash and go” world we live in. Whether light, dark, or stone-washed, they are a fashion statement in themselves. They’re incredibly comfortable and durable, and super easy to take care of. Full marks, too, for their “no-airs” look and feel. With a couple of them (in different shades -blue, black or grey) and a nice pair of slacks or chinos to match, you’ll be ready to step out anywhere, in style.

Liberally dosed with wash, tarnish and other treatments, these distressed denim shirts from iconic Italian label Diesel --including designs from the brand’s Rock music inspired ‘Rockin Dots’ capsule collection-- are perfect on their own or worn open and layered over a white T-Shirt, A-Shirt, or turtleneck. Or pair with a Madras plaid tie to elevate the “Casual Friday at work” look!

Hollywood men -and celebrity babies- are filling the fashion pages in handsome denim shirts:-

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