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Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year (again)!

2011 happens to be the International Year of Forests, as declared by the United Nations to raise awareness in forest conservation.
With a year of greenery in mind and as fans of bizarre biodegrading, may we humbly present this mini list of "Random junk you can toss in the compost bucket (but maybe thought you couldn’t)":

Latex balloons
Ratty old 100% cotton socks and underwear (rip or cut into smaller pieces)
Wilted flower bouquets
Junk mail (minus the plastic window)
Used matches (wood or paper)
Tea Bags (just remove the metal staples, if any)
Unpaid bills
Cat fur and dog hair
Your own hair (OK, we needed a 'Y' word)

Weird science it may seem, but all of the above are fully compostable :-)

[Credit: The Princess Mononoke Forest on the island of Yakushima, Japan -- so named in tribute to legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki who was said to have used the forest as the inspiration for his masterpiece 'Princess Mononoke' -- as photographed by J of Japan.]

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