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Monday, January 31, 2011

CAMILLA SKOVGAARD Tassel Heel Ankle Boots

Tassel originated thousands of years ago and throughout its history was used as a symbol of status. Now this artform -along with its connotation of luxurious craftsmenship- is returning as the adornment du jour, with the 2011 Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks catwalks positively dripping with tassels (see below).
Although widely featured on clothing, the trend is most prominent on accessories - whether it’s footwear, bags, belts or even jewellery.
Made of black suede and standing on a signature serrated platform with a reptile-like print on the back as an added touch of style, it is the a-swinging leather tassel stiletto heel that’s the real eye-catcher here.
Another daring and dramatic piece of wearable shoe-art from London-based Danish design superstar Camilla Skovgaard, these innovative heels will transform your classic cocktail dress into an avant-garde fashion statement!
Heel measures approximately 11.5cm/4.5 inches.
(RRP US$410 or £395)
Nothing gives a bit of swing to your sashay like a tassel or two!

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