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Monday, December 20, 2010

RUGBY RALPHA LAUREN University Chino Skull Pants

Known for its vast array of preppy wear influenced by varsity and rugby lifestyle, Rugby Ralph Lauren nonetheless does things a tad differently from other American prepster brands. By tying the classic preppy look of Ralph Lauren with a younger, edgier street/downtown style, Rugby designs are neat and classic yet leaves just enough leeway for wearers to tout their rebellious inner child a bit.
A Sex Pistol tee it may not be, but these Rugby Ralph Lauren pants are surely every bit as enjoyable as one. Allover embroidered skull motifs supposedly do not go with distressed classic-fit chinos, but with Rugby, that's no longer a rule. It’s all newness, and just a little punk, and great fun :-D
Constructed in artfully faded cotton chino.


Jeremy Kutcher said...

It looks like scattered spiders to my pants. Not anyone can pull this thing off confidently. Not me as i think i need to know first what to wear with chinos, how to mix and match certain clothing.

Unknown said...

It used to be a great product with the single skull on the back of the pants. As usual some moron comes up with a "numbskull" idea to saturate the pants and make them impractable to wear in a professional setting. You lose again.

Unknown said...

where can i buy these