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Monday, December 27, 2010


It's the Monday morning after Christmas, how are you doing?
If you’re planning on heading into work with a wicked hangover, let us respectfully recommend these Elizabeth and James options for hiding your identity and keeping a low profile from your boss and coworkers :-)
It does seem a little surprising that two ladies who practically started the over-sized, bug-eyed, hide-your-entire-face-behind-designer-shades trend a few years back is only just now launching their own line of sunglasses, but better late than never, right?
To start with, the collection will be comprised of just two unisex styles: the Fairfax, inspired by the trendy cat-eye silhouette, and the Hudson, based on by the classic aviator shape. Both are created out of acetate, high-nickel and stainless steel.
For those who like pieces not seen everywhere and anywhere, the Olsen twins are kicking off the launch with a Limited Edition style fitted with… wait for it… 24K gold mirror lenses. (Talk about a gilded life!)
Now you’re all set to block out the sun with these fashion-forward sunnies, which have the added bonus of allowing you to nap on the job unnoticed, post-festivities.
(RRP US$185 ~ US$375)

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