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Thursday, December 9, 2010

FEIT Footwear (Australia)

Sometimes in life you come across something that is just a little bit extra special. The small Sydney-based shoe company Feit (pronounced “Fight”) is just one such something.
In 2005, Feit was born as the brainchild of Josh and Tull Price, two Australian brothers set on changing the footwear landscape. (You might know the elder brother, Tull Price, as the dude who, at the age of 20, co-founded Royal Elastics, the athletic and leisure shoes that fastens with velcro and elasticated cord instead of laces.)
In the years since, Feit has been quietly producing what must be some of the best-made sneakers on the planet. Those who own a pair of Feit will know this already. For those who don't yet, be prepared to be wowed by the build quality and techie bits that make Feit shoes kick ass :-)

Among other features of Feit shoes:-

• Lasts made in Italy by a septuagenarian master cobbler Signor Verdiccio Paderone.
• Sole developed using Vibram technology.
• Footbed based on US SWAT team shoe footbed designs, maximising comfort and minimising heat and odour.
• “Maximum capacity”. Unhappy with the rampant waste levels in the industry, the Price brothers set a production limit depending on capital and material availability. If there is only enough llama leather to make 30 pairs of shoes, they will only make 30 pairs.
Considering that Feit is a VERY low volume premium label, the price really is better than a good price.

The photos don't do it justice, but the Feit A2 Standard Issue in Ox-Blood is neat, clean and exceptionally well made.

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