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Friday, November 26, 2010

RICO Jeans (Japan)

Fashion stylists, who dress the stars or direct shoots and put together runway looks for prominent designers, were once fashion’s unsung worker bees. Not anymore. For a while now, stylists have become the new fashion icons. Their quirky look and glamour have inspired a flurry of fashion lines, product introductions and advertising campaigns; now they are practically fashion prophets for ordinary consumers and celebrities alike. Particularly famous for this, are the Japanese stylists.
One of the cluster of high-ranking male stylists in Jap
an today (with a huge clientele that includes many Japanese bignames -- pop diva Hikaru Utada is one), Tadashi Mochizuki expanded his field of activity and set up his own brand-cum-select shop Rico in 2002.
Greatly inspired by music subcultures, Mochizuki’s designs for Rico are non-traditional in technique with cutting-edge production and innovative eye-catching styles. What results is a label ahead of the trend curve that signifies style, creativity and pride to many loyal Mochizuki fans.

According to denim affectionados, for denim spinning, vintage treatment and cotton-blending, Japan is the indisputable world leader.
Check out these premium jeans from Rico, made entirely in Japan.

(RRP ¥25,200 ~ ¥33,600 -- Come find out our price and be pleasantly surprised!)

Rico operates three standalone boutiques (with a flagship in Daikanyama, the laid-back but trendy shopping destination a mere stop away from Shibuya) and is represented at 40 other reputable points of sale all over Japan, including cult store Loveless.

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