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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hidden Gem: ONITSUKA TIGER 'Lay-Up 72' - Lmited Edition

You know, there's so much neat stuff in our little stores, occasionally some really interesting bits get overshadowed by other flashier stuff... Which brings us to today's “Hidden Gem” post.
The Onitsuka Tiger “Lay-Up 72” sneakers, still considered somewhat of an “undiscovered shoe” with great potential to become a classic, were first developed in in 1972 to cater to the trend of young people starting to wear sports shoes as a fashion item.
Named after the lay
-up shot in basketball, the shoe featured innovative production processes (Lay-Up 72 was one of the very first sneakers to combine both nylon and vulcanised production), and a “Tiger” lettering on the side of the upper -- which was unusual for a sports shoe at the time.
The new set of re-issued designs for 2010 is based off original designs
taken from the Onitsuka Tiger headquarters, dating back almost 40 years.
These kicks come in very limited quantities -- plus, what's left of them are now being offered at a markdown. Honestly, it'd be a bit of a sin, if you missed this :-)

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