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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HOSS INTROPIA (Spain) Print Dress

The forecast may be a little rainy, but you won't let a few clouds get you down! An understated rhapsody rendered in square prints and an easy fit, this Hoss Intropia dress will help you forget your weather woes. Worn with black pumps (or gold strappy heels) and a perfectly fitted cardigan, this vibrant garment will let you look fresh and stylish while still keeping things demure enough for the office or your visiting in-laws :-)
(RRP £200)
P.S. Other lovely Hoss Intropia dresses in store, too!

Cult Spanish label Hoss Intropia, known for its eclectic, cosmopolitan and boho chic style, was founded 16 years ago by entrepreneur Constantino Her
nández and friend Paloma Vázquez de Castro, a former costume designer for Spain’s National Ballet. Looking at the utter femininity, sleek shapes and elegance of Hoss Intropia garments, it would seem that de Castro and her team are indeed channeling her design experience from the dance world.
The soft and pretty elements are often com
bined with the harder edge of graphics, and it is this organic fusion -which gives whiffs of Marni and Etro- that has ensured a loyal following since the brand’s inception.
Prints, a particular Hoss Intropia trademark, are designed and produced in-house in the interest of keeping them unique and exclusive.
Trivia: The word “Intropia”, not found in dictionaries, is really the union of two words: interior and utopia -- which together makes up a philosophy of fashion that relates Hoss Intropia’s clothes to the wearers' real life.

Hoss Intropia is the latest fave brand of Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).

It's not surprising that a label that makes such wonderful clothes also has impeccable taste in picking its ambassadors. The women with “intropia” have included (L to R) Naomi Harris, Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, María Valverde and Carmen Kass.

The beautiful Tamara Rojo, prima ballerina of London’s Royal Ballet, dances for (and in) Hoss Intropia.

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