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Thursday, November 11, 2010

ONITSUKA TIGER 'Monte Pokhara' Sneakers

Here is a look at the Monte Pokhara sneakers (which we are digging, A LOT) -- originally released as the “After Boots” in the mid-50s by iconic Japanese shoe company Onitsuka Tiger aka ASICS.
Named after Pokhara, the Nepalese tourist mecca, the Monte Pokhara’s mountaineering origins are evident in the minimalistic
design and profile.
The updated Monte Pokhara looks like an urban m
oc/trail hybrid, and has a charming quirkiness that definitely grows on you.
With a banging mix of colours, shapes, and tech materials, the Onitsuka Tiger Monte Pokhara is quite the eccentric shoe. Just sliiiiightly crazy-looking, and guaranteed to attract longing gazes :-D
The uncomplicated tongue-free construction and pronounced heel-tab make it a cinch to slip the shoe on or off, too.
These dope kicks, BTW, are unisex.
em before they sell out!

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