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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hidden Gem: VANS x SIMPSONS NECK FACE Limited Edition Chukka

We have half an hour to spare and were motivated to do a “Hidden Gem” post :-D

It is the Simpsons-themed kicks -- part of a huge collaborative project which took place between Vans and 12 celebrated artists from the underground art community quite a while back.
Of the 14 models, one was designed by the anonymous street art superstar Neck Face, famous for his energetic -if rather frightening- drawing style, and
his strange, funny tags (“Trying is the first step to failing”!).
Obviously, as a skateboarder himself, Neck Face well knows how to interpret a Vans shoe to win the hearts of the Vans community. This distinctive Neck Face-designed Vans Chukka carries a serious collectability factor -- and left many people empty-handed during the launch due to its ultra-limited quantity.
But you don’t have to be one of the “many people”… because we actually have this one here in our store.
Just a few pairs -- and they're on SALE, too :-)
Be proactive, take action now, come view this real find bef
ore it is snapped up by someone else.
And so we hope that you enjoyed reading our Hidden Gem post. If you found it useful, please recommend it to someone else that you feel can benefit by reading it :-D

*Available in other colours, too.

Vans shoes designed by the 12 different artists. Can you spot the mysterious Neck Face?

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