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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS (London) Ladies Denim Jacket

At some point in their lives, practically every gal must have owned a denim jacket. Whether it is brand new or a weathered “family heirloom”, a denim jacket was once the thing to wear, or your look would never be complete.
Now this biggest boom of the 90s (or is that 70s?) is back -- the
denim jacket is making its way right back into the hearts of designers and the closets of celebrities and average Janes. The beauty of the denim jacket is the versatility it brings to your style: mix it with tees, check/plaid shirts, hoodies, camel/grey pants, black skinny jeans, or even a denim bottom in a different shade of blue.
If you’re still hunting for the perfect denim jacket, may we humbly suggest this one from British style arbiter AllSaints Spitalfields. A little bit regal, a little bit rock n' roll, this jacket features premium Japanese selvage trims, intentional fraying, and just the right amount of fading throughout.
(RRP £120)

The stars call on their trusty denim jackets as an all-weather, round the year layering piece.

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