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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3.1 PHILLIP LIM T-Shirt Dress

Just what we wanted!
This loose-fit 3.1 Phillip Lim number resembles over favourite dress-down, the good ole super-comfy oversized T-shirt (which some of us still sleep in!), except it's made from smooth & drapey silk... genius!
Thin drawtrings below one shoulder & at one side-hem allow for subtle variations in how you put this piece on. You'll appreciate the elegant kinetic print, & the low dolman sleeves (to cover up those sliiiiightly flabby arms), too.
Also imagine the dress with some pearls/jewellery & heels -- it'll certainly take you nicely into any semi-formal occasion. ...Quite perfect for that upcoming wedding party, yes?
*Available in 2 colours.

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arc1619 said...

Hi, Im super interested in purchaisng this item via internet. How do I go about doing it? and wat 2 colors does it come in?