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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

IRO Bareketh Sheer Blouse

Iro (France)
Already design stars hotly tipped by fashion editors in their native France, Laurent & Arik Bitton gained their fashion skills from running the family business. Whilst originally finding creative outlet in the music industry, the brothers eventually felt intrigued enough -- purportedly by the assertive style of the women in their circle of friends -- to launch a clothing collection. It is said that the brothers see their line as a vivid expression of lifestyles from around the globe (as documented on the brand's website) that supply the inspiration for the cool & confident look of these women.
Being a bit of a Japanophile, the brothers named their label Iro (pronounced "E-ro"), the Japanese word for "colour".
Iro soon became known for its alchemical blend of Japanese kawaii-(cute)ness with Parisian romanticism & metropolitan energy. Above all, the brand stood out for its vintage appeal, its designs characterised by past influences & a retro feel. The airy & lightweight Bareketh blouse with pretty scalloped edges, for example, is like a modern reincarnation of a dainty antique handkerchief. So sweet & rare, c’est très charmant!
(Comes with snap closure along the sides, allowing you to adjust how much skin you want to show.)
Earlier this year, Iro collaborated with students of the famed fashion school Studio Berçot to lend support to the SOS Children's Villages orphan charity. One more reason Iro is our hero!

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