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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Designer Alert! CHRONICLES OF NEVER (Australia)

Australian designer Gareth Moody is a name likely to trigger the memory for his part in fashion's bad boy trio, Tsubi/Ksubi. In 2005, Moody left Ksubi to forge his own path with Chronicles of Never.
king a departure from the rock-n-roll canon of Ksubi, Chronicles of Never derives both its name and aesthetic from - but of course - Neverland, a fake reality, and the dream-like state and ‘other-worldliness’ one associates with such a concept. As Moody describes it, Chronicles of Never is " loosely based upon mathematics and heavily influenced by architecture and geometrics, big manga dreams and a love for industrial material".

In the initial stages of launching Chronicles of Never, Moody had a ‘non-compete’ clause in his contract with Ksubi, limiting his ability to create certain clothing items. That has since lapsed, allowing Gareth to apply his
knowledge and skills to fully develop Chronicles of Never into a mainstay fashion line, with men’s and (newly launched) women’s ranges, bespoke shoes, and a highly-praised collaboration with Graz Eyewear (the label of Graeme Mulcahy, another former Ksubi alum). Judging by the support from fans and admirers, the ongoing success of Chronicles of Never is definitely no fake reality.

In keeping with the label's sensibilities, Chronicles of Never eyewear plays with colour or rather lack of color. The frames tend to use dark tones - black, and tortoise, with gradient or darkly tinted lenses, and strong geometric styles. Edgy and sophisticated, there is something very grown-up about these unisex sunglasses -- a mood that subtly says "don't screw with me". Each frame is a LIMITED EDITION, so don't wait too long!
(RRP £229 ~ £275)

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