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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BOSS BLACK by HUGO BOSS Kangaroo Leather Wallet

Part of the BOSS black collection (known for its luxurious and elegant designs) by Hugo Boss and crafted from high-quality kangaroo leather (recognised as the strongest lightweight leather throughout the world and extensively used in first class sporting shoes and gloves), this good-looking wallet lends everyday looks an unbeatable understated accent.
The 11 inner compartments -including a snap coin pocket- will provide plenty of storage space for your money and cards.
Thanks to the use of kangaroo leather (whose unique structure allows it to be cut down to very thin substance), this wallet has a slim finish that won’t ruin the line of your trousers.
Makes a reliable yet stylish gift for a sophisticated friend, too.
(RRP £89.00)

Kangaroo leather is a complex, interwoven, three-dimensional arrangement of fibers. It is for this reason that when kangaroo leather is thinly split, it keeps more of its original tensile strength than does cow hide. This allows manufacturers to use thinner leather on their products made from kangaroo. Despite its strength, abrasion and daily exposure to pollutants and UV light can damage kangaroo leather. Beewax is particularly recommended on kangaroo leather since they allow the fibers to slide against each other, which prevents them breaking.
A just-purchased product made from kangaroo leather will be flexible and retain the oils added to it by the tannery. For this reason, new leather items should only need a light coating of high quality beeswax-based leather dressing about twice a year.

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