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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

50 Years of DR. MARTENS

Cinderella's fragile glass slipper it may not be, but Dr. Martens certainly has just as storied a life.
Still favoured by punkettes and postal workers alike, the British shoemaker is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year -- the iconic DM 1460 boot was named after 1 April, 1960, the first day of production! -- with a collaboration that represents the spirit of the peeps who’ve worn Docs over the past half a century.
Ten international contemporary bands were called upon to record their version of a cult classic track, and ten film-makers were enlisted to film an original accompanying video.

One of these songs was
British jazz and electronic outfit Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of “Lilac Wine”, a tune made popular in 1994 by Jeff Buckley. The aesthetic for the MV (created by Vanessa Marzaroli) is truly stunning: a black-and-white marriage of music and graphics -- inspired by delicate Spencerian calligraphy -- that flows from the concept of a heartbroken lover writing a letter and that beautifully captures the poetry and nuance of the moving song.

Trivia: Didja know that before they captivated the youngsters, Dr. Martens’ comfy and sturdy air-cushioned soles were a big hit with housewives? (80% of sales in the first decade went to women over the age of 40 -- no kidding.) Then in the late 60s, skinheads started wearing DM boots. By the late 70s, the footwear label had gained popularity among British punk rock and New Wave musicians, and soon many music fans were also wearing them. From there, the boots and shoes transcended to other youth subcultures.

DM founder Dr. Klaus Märtens and partner Dr. Herbert Funck converted rubber from abandoned airfields into the perfect sole.

DM boots signed by the Spice Girls in the 90s.

Lourdes 'Lola' Leon with dad, mum, and Docs.

Check out the range of Dr. Martens instore -- including the Dr. Martens x agnès b crossover :-)

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