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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Feeling a little strange to have no World Cup matches to ponder after 56 matches in just 18 days? Ah well, never mind, this is (almost?) just as good -- a short film made by Carl Erik Rinsch (the Ridley Scott protegé originally tapped to direct the "Alien" prequel) for Philips Cinema Parallel Lines, a campaign in association with Ridley Scotts Associates. The aim, of course, is to advertise the "unique cinematic viewing experience offered by Philips' range of TVs".
There are five films (soon to be six, see below) in the series, and what's interesting is that they utilise the "parallel dialogue" concept, i.e., the same lines of dialogue:
"What is that?"
"A Unicorn."
"Never seen one up close before."
"Get away."
"I'm sorry."

If you have time to catch only one film, make it "The Gift", a dark but pretty sci-fi tale with Moscow in winter, robots (yippee!), a mysterious box, murder, and motorcycle chase.
("The Gift" is supposedly based on an upcoming feature length project -- titled "Small", but it'll be big for sure -- that the director Carl Erik Rinsch has already written and designed.)

The other four films are El Secreto de Mateo by Greg Fay, DarkRoom by Johnny Hardstaff, The Hunt by Jake Scott, and Jun and the Hidden Skies by Hi-Sim.

Philips is now extending the reach of the project with a competition to discover a sixth entry to the series. The same dialogue constraints will apply, and the winner will bring home a big fat Philips TV and other Ridley Scott-related prizes. The last day of entry is 8 Aug.

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