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Saturday, March 21, 2009

GRAM of Sweden

Calling all worn-out soles out there... Gram is coming & we're deeply, deeply excited!!!
Cuz if there's one thin
g we know, them Swedes sure have good taste.

Despite its name, Stockholm label Gram, founded in 2005 by Alexis Holm & Anna Stenvi, brings an approach to footwear that's more whimsical than weighty. The idea was to create shoes that "imitate what you recognise, yet make it impossible to remember what it reminds you of." With a focus on clean lines, new materials, & clever experimentation, Gram offers surprising twists on age-old classics, kicking shoe-making forward without stepping on the toes of comfort or functionality.
Interestingly, all Gram shoes are named after their weight -- "it saves us the chore of coming up with cool-sounding names for all the different models." ...Nice touch.
Whether it's guys be
ing guys or girls who like a tomboy-ish touch, if you're the indie type who likes to look svelte through branding & colour, then these magical kicks, subtly wearable yet nothing short of striking, will definitely help you dress up your denims or tone down a suit. MUST SEE, MUST HAVE.

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