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Sunday, March 8, 2009

CACHAREL Birds-in-Flight Dress

To say that Cacharel's SS2009 collection (with migrating birds as the central theme) by husband & wife design duo Mark Eley & Wakako Kishimoto is "nice" would be an understatement. The two designers literally blew the cobwebs away & put the brand back on the map, critics & fans say. Sadly, SS2009 also happens to be the last Cacharel
collection designed by the pair. Which means this is your last chance to get your hands on the unashamely pretty yet totally wearble pieces created by Eley Kishimoto for Cacharel.
A great reproduction of 60s-style daywear, the enchanting cut & whimsical birds-in-flight print on this dress really bring a sense of romance, the beach, and the calming breeze -- no matter where you are, or how stressed out you may be.

Cacharel is the name of a graceful little bird (or a small duck, rather, called garganey) from southern France. Founder-designer Jean Bousquet must have thought the name perfect when he chose it for his trademark early in the 60s. 50 years later, birds remain a charm dear to Cacharel & you will not fail to notice bird motif on many of Cacharel's designs -- from ready-to-wear to jewellery & lingerie.

*Also available: Cacharel birds-in-flight blouse.

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