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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ALL SAINTS Men's Shirts

Here's a quiz: Why is All Saints, the street-cool label aimed at the hip & happening, so named?
The answer: All Saints is named after the hip & happening All Saints Road in Notting Hill, the street that also inspired All Saints, the 1990s girl group.
The brand even took out an injunction against the band back in 1999, to stop it from selling clothes with the name. Indeed, managing your brand profile is essential in a copycat market, & Stuart Trevor & Kait Bolongaro, the original founders of All Saints, understood this. From a wholesale company, the husband & wife team built the business into a distinctive retail brand that, even though they are no longer in the picture, still rocks plenty.

With sharp, inventive tailoring, & retro details harking back to the old-school of London street style, these All Saints men's shirts effortlessly embrace everyday chic.

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