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Friday, March 27, 2009

design tshirts store GRANIPH

Ever since the tees first arrived 2 weeks ago (although we've only got a dozen or so!), we've had curious folks asking us "What is Graniph?".
Established in the late 90s by 3 graphic designers intent on bringing Western-style designer T-shirts to Japan, Graniph is all about the super-fresh tee: limited edition T-shirts designed by graphic artists, illustrators, photographers & other enterprises from around the world, & sold to you at very reasonable prices.
The first Graniph store opened in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo in 2001. Today there are multiple Graniph stores throughout Asia (selling stuff other than tees, too), in Dubai, & Australia. Talks are ongoing to develope storefronts in the USA & Europe.
Graniph also runs an annual global design compatition open to everyone & anyone -- the third & most recent one just ended on 28 Feb -- to uncover new talents & ultimately introduce them to the world via T-shirt art. (The two competitions prior reportedly attracted 30,000 entries from around the globe.)
If you're still wondering about the "reasonable prices" thing -- it's for serious. Come see for yourself ;)

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