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Sunday, November 29, 2009


"Taihachiro of Hong Kong", as Vintage Glasses eyewear is known, didn't get its nickname haphazardly.
The vision of Paul, the mono-named founder of Schizo (a Hong Kong-based spectacles boutique with a cult following), Vintage Glasses aims to return the spi
rit of artisanship to an accessory that has been somewhat overtaken by mass production.
Channeling besp
ectacled greats (Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent) & drawing on iconic dead stocks (Number (N)ine x Kurt Cobain, Number (N)ine x Taihachiro, JPG Eiffel Tower glasses, Cutler & Gross), Paul injects a dash of long-forgotten class into his designs that have as much to do with his knowledge & his craftsmen’s skills as it does with the fine materials he uses. Part of this know-how arises from the fact that Paul is himself a fervent collector of antique eyewear, a passion that directly led him to start this business in the first place (in Ueno, Tokyo, & Hong Kong, back in 2000). Paul’s vast private collection has even popped up as movie props on the set of Stephen Chow’s "Shaolin Soccer" & "Kung Fu".
If you have had issues with spectacles that typically slide down your nose, give Vintage Glasses a try. Vintage Glasses takes the business of fitting frame to face seriously, & could just be your lucky ticket to the world of eyewear comfort ;-)

Vintage Glasses in a 2006 cover story feature in Mode Optique, the leading eyewear magazine in Japan (published bi-annually).

Japanese eyewear label Taihachiro Kinsei (泰八郎謹製, i.e. "Humbly Made By Taihachiro") from which Vintage Glasses’ nickname of "Taihachiro of Hong Kong" stems, is the creation of legendary master frame maker Yamamoto Taihachiro, who, to the regret of many, has apparently recently retired.

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