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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LESS THAN HUMAN - Eyewear from Japan

Brand concept: “Silly, erotic, & anarchist.”
When it comes to Less Than Human, always expect the unexpected. From the brand’s 2002 inception to its meteoric rise to the top of the eyeglasses realm, Less Than Human has made a name for itself as the witty optical interpreters of Japanese non-conformity -- with nostalgia-fueled ingenuity, convincing quality, & wild collaborations (including a limited edition, the “OkaOde ダlaiラO”, featuring the Dalai Lama!).
Less Than Human founding creative team: Wataru Nishio (formerly of Alain Mikli Atelier in Paris), Yasuhiro Imai (the main man, also oversees Tse Tse, another Japanese eyewear brand), & Jun Kouga (who’s done work for Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith & Eyevan).
The trio regards eyewear not only as an instrument to remedy a person’s eyesight, but also as an important element which makes powerful visual impressions & tells the personality. Through glasses, wearers gain a new face, an accessorised face, a face-for-others… sometimes, perhaps, even a less than human face?

Frequent features in leading magazines prove that Less Than Human eyewear have become must-have fashion items.

Japan has been going through an eyewear craze for the past few years & glasses have become important accessories amongst both fashionistas & the hoi polloi.
That’s Beyonce, in Less Than Human, at the recent 2009 F1 Night Race in Singapore.
One advantage of Less Than Human glasses is that they are more suited to the Asian face shape -– wider or more rectangular eye frames, with a slighter nose bridge.
Another plus: the designs are distinct from the Fendis & the Pradas & the Oakleys that most folks wear ;-)

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