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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LULU GUINNESS (London) Backpack

From the leading British accessories designer Lulu Guinness comes this irresistible backpack—featuring cut-out hand motifs complete with fresh manicure in iconic Lulu red.
Stow your tablet, cosmetics case, and wallet in the spacious interior (perfect for that CNY vacay).
Thanks to the durable construction, it could even double up as a great bag for gym bunnies.

Lucinda "Lulu" Jane Guinness, OBE is famous for her exquisite and witty handbags and accessories, which have been a must-have for fashion aficionados since she launched her company in 1989. Described as "tomorrow's treasures", Guinness’s collectable bags form a permanent part of the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection and have also been the subject of exhibitions in Sotheby's of London and New York.

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