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Thursday, June 30, 2011

ONITSUKA TIGER/ASICS Japanese Style Sneakers (Limited Edition)

Always capturing our fascination with a dash of cool Japonisme, Onitsuka Tiger/ASICS continues to turn tradition into fashion.ONITSUKA KAMOGUTSU
Inspired by kamogutsu or kamo-kutsu (“duck shoes”) boots, worn by officers of the Imperial Guard, courtiers and nobles who played Kemari (an ancient soccer game of Chinese origin popular during the Heian Period), Onitsuka’s Kamogutsu sneaker is as interesting as it is rare. This shoe rocks a suede toe box that extends into the mid-panel and transitions into a fabric material. Depending on mood and/or weather, the fabric can be worn up or rolled-down for a different look, so that you get two funky looks, for the price of one pair of shoes :-D


Think ninja and imagine their split-toed “tabi” socks, or the heftier version, called “jika-tabi”, which are often worn by construction workers. Such Japanese shoes have been around hundreds of years and inspired what may have been the world’s first split-toe running shoe design: the Onitsuka Marathon Tabi produced in 1953. Nearly six decades later, this super-duper original split-toe construction has been revised in order to offer better fit and comfort, especially in the toe area. A rubber sole and a side strap have also been added for support. You’ll be surprised by how light the Okatabi MT feels, too - some folks even say it's like wearing just socks.

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