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Monday, June 13, 2011

Limited Edition Alert! PAUL SMITH x INDIGO FARM Crossover Jeans

This may come as news to some, but there are certainly more than a few high-quality denim specialty factories in China - one being Indigo Farm.
Indigo-dyeing has been practised in China for thousands of years (dating as early as 1600-2100 B.C. - in fact it was said that only between the between the 5th and 7th centuries A.D. was the craft brought over to Japan) and it was their great passion for this ancient and traditional artisan skill that inspired a group of Chinese “peasants” to leverage their 30-year rich experience and set up Indigo Farm in 2001 - “the beginning of a new millennium”, as they put it.
(The Chinese name of Indigo Farm is composed of two characters: “藍”, meaning blue, i.e., the colour of indigo, and “龍”, which means "dragon" and is usually representative of China.)

By using Zimbabwean cotton (recognised as one of the highest quality cotton types in the world) woven on decades-old Japanese selvedge looms, not only has Indigo Farm been able to put together a cohesive aesthetic at fair retail prices, they have also earned the attention of reputable collaborators like Garbstore (the Portobello, London-based cult menswear line as well as the brainchild of ex-Paul Smith designer Ian Paley) and Sir Paul Smith himself.

For their project with Paul Smith, Indigo Farm produced a simple yet extremely well-made slim fit red-selvege jean. Each pair is hand-dyed in a dark indigo rinse wash, and features an internal woven satin label with exclusive print for the collaboration and an external embroidered star.
Exceptionally limited, this Paul Smith x Indigo Farm crossover retails for £175 in the U.K. and HK$2290 in Hong Kong. Don't miss your chance to own a pair of this super-premium!

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