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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Brand Alert! DENHAM (Amsterdam)

It couldn’t have been anything else but destiny for Englishman Jason Denham. His family name pronounced “denim”, this creative “jeanius” gained solid “jeansperience” (see what we did) with Pepe Jeans, which relocated him to Amsterdam. There, he opened a consultancy agency (assisting clients such as LVMH, Swift Denim, and Kuyichi) and set up his own jeans brand Blue Blood.
In 2008, after traveling throughout Europe, the U.S. and Japan, Denham recognised a need for newness in the industry. The way he saw it, the jeans market works in cycles -- Scandinavia has led the market for the last five years, California five years before that, and Japan five years before that. Convinced that Amsterdam will be
the new jeans capital of Europe, Denham was inspired to develop ‘Denham the Jeanmaker’, a label into which he pours his most personal visions and demonstrates his modest but sincere resolve to resist compromise.
Today, Denham the Jeanmaker is wowing fans across the planet not only with its jeans, but also with its ever-growing collections of compatible apparel and accessories.

The Denham logo says it all - it is the tailor’s scissors used by Jason Denham to cut his first pair of jeans. It’s also a symbol of the passion, continuity and creativity
of the brand.

This year, Denham started the ‘Denham House Guest Artist Project’, whereby the label invites an artist whose work it admires to express elements of Denham the brand through a special artwork. The work is then integrated into special limited edition styles in Denham’s collection.
The very first artist selected was Alljan Moehamad, a talented Dutch artist with a cult following. (He also happens to be a photographer whose work has been commissioned by Evisu, Kswiss, and Buddha to Buddha.) Using his signature mind-bending pen-and-ink illustrations, Moehamad skillfully blended the iconic Denham scissors logo with a superb selection of skulls, producing a limited edition Denham range that picked up major press during its Jan 2011 launch.

Jason Denham and Alljan Moehamad at the launch party celebrating their team-up.

Denham then followed up with a highly-praised collaboration with the iconic London label ‘A Child of the Jago’. Named after Arthur Morrison's acclaimed and controversial 1896 novel, A Child of the Jago is the brainchild of designer Simon
Barnzley Armitage and Agent Provocateur mastermind (and the son of Vivienne Westwood and the late Malcolm McLaren) Joseph Corre.

Different, distinct, and very limited, these Denham collab tees are great additions to any wardrobe.
(RRP €49.90)

The three Denham boutiques (Amsterdam, Tokyo, and London) feature a simple but cool ‘artisan denim craft’-inspired interior design.

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