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Saturday, September 18, 2010

PRADA Silk Turban Wrap

This season is a fun one for hair -- lots of over-the-top style elements, including up-dos, chignons, bunny ears and turbans.
Turbans traditionally represent power, beauty and epitomised glamour in Hollywood. Made hot again by Prada a couple of seasons back, it seems like this stylistic nod to the Middle East isn't going away just yet. Recent designer collections have featured all sorts of headwraps. Not to mention, people haven’t stopped talking about Miss Carrie Bradshaw rocking hers beautifully in “Sex and the City 2”. Will you, too, be keeping it all under wraps?
Prada’s silk turban wraps not only make a chic visual accent, it’s also great for covering up those roots between colours or for “difficult” hair days :-)
Make sure eyebrows are perfectly groomed and cheekbones are glowing.
(RRP US$695)

Eva Mendes in her jewel-coloured Pradas:

Incidentally, the right scarf, tied the right way, can be just as effective in portraying the turban wrap look:

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