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Monday, April 26, 2010


Supra x Steve Aoki “Strapped II”
Strappers are not just for kids (or the old folks), no sirree. The signature Supra model for celebrity DJ/Dim Mak Records founder/industry tastemaker Steve Aoki, these Supras (“Strapped II”) are a hybrid of strap-on sneaks and wrestling shoes. As opposed to the first Strapped introduced 3 years back, the redesigned Strapped II is whipped into a high-top
with Supra’s trademark oversize tongue, roomy width, and the NS’s signature rugged rock-and roll aesthetics.
With its four-strap design, this shoe comes unlaced, of course, and the top is meant to be worn with pants tucked in nonchalantly.
Our fave colourway? Definitely the bohemian Acid Wash Denim. Just the right move when yo
u step out for an afternoon with the fellas or just kickin’ around town with your gal.

P.S. So just who is Steve Aoki? Other than being sibling to model/actress Devon Aoki, well, they say he’s only the hottest hipster DJ in LA…
Read on if you're intrigued.

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