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Sunday, April 25, 2010

SHERI BODELL Crystal Snake Applique Dress

A stunning special-occasion dress by Sheri Bodell that features snake-like motifs gorgeously detailed with sparkling rhinestones. Classic elegance meets sexy vamp in this dressiest of zipped-up designs. Fully lined.

L.A. designer Sheri Bodell makes clothes for women who want to party like a star without being mistaken for rampaging groupies.
Bodell’s signature is dresses that play with textures and hardware. Often incorporating rhinestones, studs, grommets, chains and leather, the fashionable designer -- who, as you can see above (backstage at one of her catwalks), pretty much looks like a rock chick herself -- makes each garment like she would pieces of jewellery.
Although any of Bodell’s edgy sheaths would be perfect for cocktails at the poshest pads, we suggest perhaps avoiding airport metal detectors.
Not that it matters: We’re sure you’re up for setting off the sirens!

The hills of Hollywood come alive with the starlets and their Sheri Bodells:

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